The Best Parks near Your Elk Grove Apartment

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Summer is just around the corner and that means school is out and it's time to have some summer fun! Here are some of our favorite parks you should checkout for your summer plans! 

1.  Morse Park

Situated on 27 acres, Morse Park features a dog park, walking trail, picnic areas, playground and open grass fields. Whether you’re bringing the little ones or your furry friend, this park will never disappoint! 
2. Kloss Park

Kloss Park is a recreational park that features a large children's playground with a slide. Not only is this park great for kids, you will enjoy the path great for walking, jogging or biking.
3. Buscher Park

Any biking enthusiast will love Buscher Park! This lakeside park offers eight miles of mountain bike trails populated by pine trees and cedar elms. The lake is ideal for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.
4. Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
If you’re feeling adventurous then Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is the place to be! This park is nearly 18000 acres and it is home to array of birds, reptiles, and other animals. You will enjoy seeing what Mother Nature has to offer. 

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