Top 3 New Year Activities in Elk Grove

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Holidays are the perfect time to spend time with friends and family and make memories for a lifetime! It’s the time to distress, relax, have fun, add excitement to life and indulge in activities that make every moment memorable and remarkable. The city of Elk Grove is a dynamic place to be during the holiday season as it offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement that are sure to make your holiday amazing! Everyone has a different definition of fun and the beauty of Elk Grove is that it offers something for everyone.
Here are the Top 3 ‘Must Do’ holiday activities in Elk Grove for you:

  1. Picnic at Elk Grove Regional Park
You cannot soak in the true spirit of Elk Grove unless you have a picnic at the Elk Grove Regional Park. The sprawling greens along a lake, make for the perfect spot to unwind, have fun and be surrounded by natural peace and beauty. The park has two islands, an aquatic center, numerous playgrounds, bike and dog parks and sports fields. Pack in your favorite delights and get ready for a day full of wonders!

  1. Get your Adrenaline Pumping at Surf Xtreme
When in Elk Grove, you don’t need to be at a surfer’s beach to enjoy a good surfing experience! Sur Xtreme is one of the most popular places that are thronged by vacationers and locals alike for the extremely safe yet exciting surfing opportunity it offers. It’s an absolutely great place for people of all age groups and an experience that is sure to be remembered for life!

  1. Walk along the Elk Grove Creek Trail
A two miles trail from Laguna Springs Drive to Lewis Stein Road, on a 10-foot-wide paved path, the Elk Grove Creek Trail is an absolute must do. The trail is lined by shops, restaurants and other recreational spots that add to the fun and excitement of the trail. It’s a delightful trail amidst nature and wonderful opportunities. The landscape of the trail is marvelous, adding to the beauty and the remark ability of this activity.
Elk Grove is full of wonderful activities waiting to be explored! The rich and lively atmosphere adds to the spirit of holidays and the endless options make every day a new day to indulge in pure happiness and bliss! Make the most of your holiday at Elk Grove!

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