The Beaded Sun-catcher

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Summer DIY

The Beaded Sun-catcher  

This project is a perfect unique gift you can not find anywhere in stores. It is a great go-to for a birthday, mothers day gift, etc. We searched around to give you the perfect Summer DIY, and we have found it!

Materials Needed:
Glitter Pony Beads
Metal Pan(s)
Hot pads, timer, metal tongs

How To:

  • Get as many of your beads as possible into the container without allowing any to jump up into a second layer.
  • Preheat oven to 400 and melt for 20-30 minutes, check for melting, heat longer if necessary, remove and cool. (Please take in mind the beads are plastic so if you do have a grill on your patio you might want to melt them in the pan outside.)
  • Take your Sharpie and make a dot where each hole should go, and drill a hole using a very small drill bit. 
  • String your melted pieces together. You can use any strong type of string! 
Now you have your melted beaded sun catcher. 

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