Spring Cleaning in Your Elk Grove Apartment!

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We are half-way through the Spring season, which means it's the perfect time to do some deep-dive Spring cleaning! During the year, it's easy to argue that you're "far too busy to do anything beyond the basic, surface level cleaning that you do on a regular basis. Spring, however, is the season of renewal, and nothing is better than renewing your home! Check out these great tips, all from Apartment Therapy, on how to clean your home now, regardless of how much time you have to spare:

This space, along with your bathroom, are the easiest to get really dirty. Whether you're an all-star chef, making gourmet meals with great regularity or you have the local take-out on speed dial, your kitchen is always going to see some food action. While the fridge, counters, stove top and microwave may seem like the obvious places to scrub down, don't forget to scrub down your trash can as well!

This is the OTHER high-traffic, high-mess area of your home. While you should frequently be cleaning your toilet, counters, and shower, Spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the hidden build-up that's been accumulating in your bathroom. Good places to check while you deep-clean: grout, tub, and shower. These areas should be commanding most of your cleaning attention since they're the areas that are more likely to be forgotten when you do your regular cleaning job.

While it may seem like a lot of work, we promise that you'll feel very accomplished when you look at how clean and organized your Elk Grove apartment is! Happy cleaning!

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