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Celebrate Thanksgiving at Castellino at Laguna West Apartments

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Castellino at Laguna West Apartments

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As we enter the holiday season, we know that this year is going to look a little different. While we still may want to gather with family and friends, we want to be wary of turning an evening into a superspreader event. Most of us have a small group of close family and friends we've been spending the past eight months with and continuing to engage with the same group is the best thing to do if you are going to host at your home at Laguna West Apartments in Elk Grove, California.

Holiday cooking can be stressful, so arming yourself with a few cooking tips and tricks will ease your mind. First, create a grocery list. The better you're able to plan your food means fewer trips to the grocery store. Next, cover the basic entrees and side dishes first, and then get creative with a dish that you've never tried before. For example, this simple roasted beets with citrus recipe will brighten your Thanksgiving table. Lastly, ask your guests to bring at least one item, from ice to dessert, everyone can bring something to the table. Any time you're in the kitchen, you need to be mindful of safety. Never leave children unattended in the kitchen, especially when the stovetop and/or oven is on. Also, don't have too many people in the kitchen at once.

Black Friday shopping will be almost exclusively online this year. Macy's, the original player in Black Friday shopping, offers free shipping promotions and amazing deals throughout the store. While Target offers online-only deals in the days leading to Black Friday. Watch for new deals dropping every week of November, with weekly ads each Thursday.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, you'll be sure to have a pleasant time in Elk Grove. There are outdoor parks to visit, the Elk Grove Park is a beautiful place for some light exercise and fresh air after dinner. Enjoy your day with your close family and friends.

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