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Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Castellino at Laguna West Apartments

Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Castellino at Laguna West Apartments

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Summertime is approaching, and this presents a new challenge to the fans of apartment living. The question is how to get your space at Castellino at Laguna West Apartments ready for some summer fun with the best renter-friendly hacks. Adding some colors for the summer and vibrant decorations comes in. You want to bring the outdoors inside and make it feel airy and bright. You also want to have some fun with some new seasonal colors. Here are some tremendous apartment-friendly tips to help in making your home summer-ready.

Hues to Match Every Mood this Season

Crystal White: This beautiful, airy color will make any space feel open and welcoming. It is perfect for small spaces because it makes them feel bigger and brighter. You can use crystal white as an accent color or even as your primary color scheme by adding some white furniture and accessories for an apartment.

Refreshing Green: Greens are perfect for summer because they represent growth, life, and nature. They also have a calming effect on the mind and body. Use green to create an oasis in your apartment by adding some plants, hanging a tapestry or piece of art with green tones, or even painting an accent wall.

Blissful Blue: Blues are another great color for summer because they remind us of the sky and the ocean. They have a calming effect and can help you feel more relaxed. Use blue to create a serene space in your apartment by adding some blue pillows, a blue rug, or even some blue curtains.

Flame Orange: Oranges are the perfect color to add fun and excitement to your apartment. They are stimulating and energizing, which is ideal for summertime. Given that you cannot make any permanent changes to a rental apartment, you can add orange by adding some orange towels or rugs or even hanging some orange curtains.


Adding some color to your apartment is the perfect way to get ready for summer. It will make your space feel airy, bright, and welcoming. You can also create a serene oasis or an exciting area. Use these tips to add summer fun to your Castellino at Laguna West Apartments home.

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