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Refreshing Décor For Your Apartment This Spring & Summer

Refreshing Décor For Your Apartment This Spring & Summer

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It is always fun to follow apartment trends when decorating your Castellino at Laguna West Apartment. You have the opportunity to make your rental truly feel like home.

Of course, you need to determine the best way to decorate your apartment. One idea is to refresh your decor for the spring and summer, which are both times of renewal after the short, chilly days of winter.

Start By Packing Away Your Winter Items

The best way to get ready for spring is to pack away your winter items, from sweaters to seasonal decor. Luckily, most apartments feature a spacious walk-in closet for ample storage. You can even look into organizing hacks such as using self-adhesive hooks for outerwear, which are great for hanging items without damaging the walls. Another idea is to designate a cabinet or shelf in your walk-in closet for your winter decor.

Decorations For A Smooth Transition To Spring

Once you use your walk-in closet and organization hacks to pack away your winter items, you can think about how you want to refresh the vibe in your apartment. There are many ways to decorate your apartment while following various spring trends, such as adding both subtle pastels and bold patterns to your space. For instance, you can use throw pillows to add in your soft blues and pinks and area rugs to mix floral and geometric patterns. You also want to switch to lightweight window treatments for better light and airflow.

Transition To Summer Apartment Decorations

As spring comes to an end in May, it is time to start getting ready for summer. Now, you can leave decor such as your blue pillows and lightweight window treatments on display, but you also want to look into summer apartment decorations. Why not take a bit of the outdoors inside with flowers and plants? Another idea is to reflect light with metallic pieces such as photo frames and decorative bowls. You can also keep it simple by displaying a basket of citrus fruit in the kitchen.

Finding The Right Apartment Trends For Your Seasonal Decor

Whether you want to decorate with shades of blue, floral patterns, or metallic pieces, the sky is the limit when researching various apartment trends. The best part is, there are plenty of apartment-friendly ways to decorate your rental.

After several months of shorter days and chilly evenings, you deserve to add a little sunshine to your space.

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