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All Things Spooky Halloween Activities Decor and More

All Things Spooky: Halloween Activities, Decor, & More!

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Many would agree that sunny California is beautiful year-round. October is no different. October hosts Halloween, and California apartment dwellers celebrate this fun holiday just like everyone else. There are many things that renters can do to celebrate this fun holiday without damaging their rental. Simple decorations can stand out at your front door, on your balcony, or even in your window. Halloween apartment trends are fun ways to decorate and enjoy the season and holiday in a way that respects your rental.

Get in the Halloween Mood

Celebrating Halloween is a festive way of welcoming the fall. Discount stores have many low-cost decorations that can be used to decorate your front door, balcony, and windows. You can use inexpensive decorations inside your apartment home as well. Plastic pumpkins, dishes, and cups are an easy way to celebrate Halloween daily. You can use plastic pumpkins filled with candy at your front door. You can also use these same plastic pumpkins as plant holders. You can put a few plants on your balcony in decorative pumpkin holders. You can also shift your interior color scheme to deeper colors and earth towns representing the season and Halloween. Apartment living will not hinder your Halloween decorating and festivities. There are plenty of apartment-friendly ways to celebrate and decorate.

Activities For the Season in Your City

If you want to venture outside of your home, there's plenty to do. The Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival commemorates the season and can also be a fun festivity that sets the tone for Halloween. The weather is usually cool enough to be comfortable without being bitterly cold. It's a great time to walk around, enjoy the festivities, and spend quality time with friends and family. Aside from festivals and other seasonal events, there are many local parks to enjoy. Town Square Park has plenty of bike trails that nearby apartment dwellers can use. There are plenty of different ways to welcome fall.

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